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First time at the casino? Beginner advice.

Each successful casino player once visited a gambling establishment for the first time or went to the online resource. And not for everyone the first visit was successful. If you prefer to learn from others’ mistakes, this article will be useful to you. From it you will learn how to make even the first casino game as profitable and comfortable as possible. Tips will concern primarily online casinos, but some of the recommendations can be applied to offline facilities.

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What to pay attention to when choosing an online casino?

Before you can start playing blackjack, poker or roulette, you need to select the right online casino. When selecting an online gambling resource, you should pay attention to the following factors:

casino security, license availability and user reviews;

  1. user-friendliness
  2. game offerings
  3. available options for depositing and withdrawing funds
  4. bonus offers

In terms of security, bitcoin casinos take the lead in this regard, as financial transactions are carried out directly during the game, ie the Internet site itself does not keep the bitcoins. When choosing a casino for cryptocurrency you should also pay attention to the availability of a license, because it is a pledge of security. It will not be superfluous to read and feedback from users about this or that service, of course, on third-party sites that offer an independent opinion.

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Convenience of the interface – also a significant factor in the choice of casinos. It is important that during the game there are no failures and hangs software, which can lead to a loss of money. And the process of the game – navigation, control, search, etc. should be as clear and convenient as possible.

The more games the casino offers, the more customers will be satisfied. Online casinos offer to play cryptovite roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, slots, as well as bet on sports and even play with live dealers.

Casinos should provide the most convenient ways to make deposits and withdraw funds. Today it’s most convenient to place instant bets in crypt currency. Also, account verification and other lengthy procedures accompanying the process of withdrawing fiat currencies are not required, so lightcoin casinos, etherium casinos and online resources with other cryptov currencies are becoming increasingly popular.

Bonuses and promotions casino – this is what newcomers pay attention to, wanting to pay a minimum and still get a chance to win a large amount. Bitcoin casino with first deposit bonus offers a 100% surcharge on the amount paid. However, such casinos require a wagering bonus amount, the terms of which may vary.

Responsible choice of game is the key to success.

If you have already chosen the ideal online resource for the game and decided to gamble on bitcoins, you must decide on the right games. You can make a quite standard portrait of a casino user who wins a bit less than you would like. He goes into all the games in a row, no matter what the chances of winning and what his knowledge in this game. For example, in the same poker or blackjack you need to know when to take or change a card, and in which to stay with their own, i.e. the optimal action of the player should be dictated by the theory of probability, not his whim.

The importance of understanding the basic rules of the games

In bitcoin games at the casino you need to know at least the basic rules and strategies. For example, you need to understand that the chance of falling a particular number on which you put at roulette is very small. Therefore, such actions are sure to lead to a loss. To learn the rules of the game, as well as practice, you do not have to lose money. Most online casinos have a demo mode, in which you can play for conditional currency. When you achieve some success in this mode, then you can play for real money.

In addition to the standard rules of the game, you need to study the rules within the selected casino. The fact is that in different institutions, these rules may differ slightly. For example, somewhere to win a bonus game in poker, you need to collect at least three dozen, and somewhere – three jacks. Without knowing these features, you will not be able to make the right bets, so be sure to study thoroughly the rules of the game in the selected online casino.

Secrets of the game of slots

Perhaps the easiest gambling is slots. Here the probability of winning depends entirely on luck. The user is unable to influence the result of the game. Although some players believe that there are winning strategies, in fact, no effective tactics can not be here. Random number generator is responsible for ensuring that all the symbols in the reels fall out completely randomly, without any pattern.

However, for playing slots can still give some tips. Choose those machines in which the winnings are fixed, and not apply to the formation of the jackpot. In such slots, the percentage of return is always higher and, therefore, the chance to win also increases. If there are no slots without the Jackpot, you should prefer those in which the bonus winnings are minimal. Experienced players advise to avoid video slots, because they have on average 5% less recoil percentage compared to conventional machines.

Roulette: Game Advice and Additional Rules

Roulette is one of the most popular games in any online casino, but it should be understood that, in theory, the distance advantage will always be on the side of online casinos. The presence of a sector of zero or even two sectors with zero tilts the scale towards the casino. However, the croupier’s advantage can be kept to a minimum and even with a little luck it will be enough to win.

The first thing to do is to decide on the type of roulette you want to play. For example, in European roulette there is only one sector of zero, so the player’s chances of winning will be quite high. But in American roulette, in addition to the standard zero, there is also a sector with two zeros. It’s not hard to guess that by betting on black/red or four/oblack, the chances of winning will be lower, because periodically there will be sectors 0 or 00, which aren’t even four/oblack or red/black.

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When playing roulette at the casino, it is necessary to clarify the existence of additional rules. They can give the player a significant advantage. For example, in French roulette there is a La Portage rule, which reduces the loss of a player when betting on equal odds (even/oeven, red/black), if there is a zero. If a player loses by a zero in this bet, half of the bet is refunded to the player. For American Roulette, a similar rule applies to Surrender.

A similar principle applies to the En Prison rule, according to which if a ball falls on a Zero sector then bets with equal chances remain. The croupier marks them with a special marker, as if locked in a prison cell (hence the name of the rule). The ball starts a second time and if the bet marked with the marker plays, the player gets all the winnings due to him. If the bet is not played, the chips are removed from the table and no longer participate in subsequent draws.

The Martingale strategy also deserves attention – if a bet is lost with an equal chance, the next bet is doubled. It is enough just to trace a certain pattern. Let’s say that 7 times in a row the numbers fall out of the black sectors. It is high time to bet on red – chances of it happening will be higher than if you bet without knowing the previous results. If black falls out again, you have to double your bet and bet on red again. And so until you win. The problem with this strategy is due to the fact that in a long series may come the limit of the casino to accept bets or the player does not have enough money for the next doubling.

Tips for playing blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular gambling game where the probability of winning depends on the actions of the participant, so knowledge of rules and basic strategies is very important here.

Taking the first steps in the game, a beginner may seem to have a better chance of winning than a dealer with one open card. Of course, this gives the player a certain advantage, but they need to be able to use it. For example, the newcomer to Blackjack doesn’t know if he should take a card or stop if he has 16 points on his hands and the dealer has one of the cards with seven. It turns out that in this situation it is necessary to take another card. If the dealer has an open four, five or six, then even with 12 points to stop and not take the 3rd card. On the theory of probability, you will win more often in such actions than lose.

Another Blackjack tip to play with is counting cards. Of course, it will be difficult for beginners to remember the cards that came out, but this will give a significant advantage. Today, there are special programs and mobile applications to which you can add the cards that came out. They will automatically calculate the probability of winning based on the cards that have left the deck. This will allow you to increase your chances of winning.

Tips for playing poker

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Playing bitcoin poker, you can win more if you follow a few simple tips. Russian poker is very popular in casinos. According to the rules of the game, each participant receives 5 cards, and the dealer opens one card face up. All players have the right to buy a sixth card and change those cards that do not suit them.

The first poker casino tip is not to buy a sixth card if the original cards do not give a strong combination. When several cards need to be replaced, it’s best to fold – throw the cards into a pass. If you have a set (three cards of the same value), then buying a sixth card is a good solution. Also, an additional card will be needed in the case where you have a strong combination of unfinished – a flash without one of the desired suit or straight without a card of a certain value. If you have unfinished strong combinations should also change the cards. But the exchange should be made only in the case when you lack just one card. For example, you have 4 cards of one suit – it is necessary to buy one card of one suit, if it is another suit, it is necessary to change.